Welcome to Jumble Snail, a mixed blog regarding predominantly Tropical Science and the Arts.

I’m Lucy, creator and author of Jumble Snail. I am a Tropical Disease Biology graduate of the Liverpool School Of Tropical Medicine, where I currently work as a Mosquito Research Technician. I am passionate about science communication and making science accessible and engaging! No prior expertise is required to enjoy any of the topics explored on Jumble Snail. I am no expert in art, and despite my scientific background, I strongly believe that if these fields are not accessible, how are new ideas and inspirations ever going to be generated?

Jumble Snail’s approach to scientific topics does not consist of delving deep into the theoretical explanations for findings, but instead offers a more-rounded approach that considers the wider outcomes and potential developments of scientific findings. The approach to art topics consist of observations and interpretations from a personal view.

I believe that without the connections made between the worlds of science and art, we are denying ourselves the abundant possibilities that come with sharing passion and knowledge.

I look forward to sharing my passion with you.

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