Melt Yourself Down Drop New Single ‘Bucky Done Gun’

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Melt Yourself Down’s musical style transcends solitary genres. The band incorporate elements of punk, funk and jazz, culminating in avant-garde sounds full of North African musical influence. The band’s new release ‘Bucky Done Gun’continues this single-genre dissolvement; it is fiery, anthemic yet playful, and will likely be on a loop in your head, because one listen only is definitely not sufficient to appreciate its chaos.

Popular song ‘Boot And Spleen’ from Melt Yourself Down’s previous album, ‘100% YES’, did not shy away from the punk and jazz musical fusion, and ‘Bucky Done Gun’ has certainly taken the same elaborate and experimental progression. The introduction seems to have an ode to country music, yet the hyper instrumentation and raw vocals nod to ska. Thick textures created with the interweaving brass instrumentation make this piece explosive. ‘Bucky Done Gun’ is not compartmentalised, it refuses to follow a predictable, defined progression composing of verses and choruses. This disorder heightens the listening experience and removes any musical prediction. The rolling drums call for our attention; to listen to this lively, miraculously messy anthem that defies our traditional expectation of genre. 

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