Admiral Shaman and the Brain Benders release immersive debut single, ‘Runaway Folklore’

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Admiral Shaman presents us with a smooth listening experience infused with mellow, warm tones; a stark contrast to the cool climate from where the duo are from, Grand Forks, North Dakota. The duo have been making music together for a few years prior to their single release, but their continual collaboration has taught them more about their own creative process, allowing them to find their sound and express their musical essence. Inspired by both 60s and neo-psychedelia, the duo reveals King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard to be their main inspiration. The improvisatory feel and spontaneity of their instrumentation not only runs through the single, but also reflects their free-flowing creative choices such as the selection of a unique, weird band name.  

Instrumentation and vocals in their new single, ‘Runaway Folklore’, interweave perfectly together, creating a sense of space and movement, resulting in a song that is truly absorbing and difficult not to sway to. The drawn-out chords resonate with you, creating an all-consuming effect that transitions effortlessly into a powerful and heavy solo. The duo’s psychedelic experimentation and subsequent journey led to the creation of ‘Runaway Folklore’, and it continues to inspire; with a music video in the making and the release of one more single before releasing their concept album in early 2021. Admiral Shaman continue on their exploratory musical journey and entice us with the prospect of more brain-bending sounds.

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