Plumm Drops New Single ‘Pour In The Blue’

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Soothed into a soundscape that is so calming yet so powerful, ‘Pour In The Blue’ is a minimalistic piece that offers listeners a chance of musical escapism and portrays the creativity of South London multi-instrumentalist, Plumm.

Plumm’s first EP, ‘The Shed’, was entirely home-produced and released in 2018, offering us a glimpse into her love of jazz fusion. ‘The Shed’ is dark and moody, yet oozing romance and soul, heightened by Plumm’s powerful and gritty voice and experimentation with scat singing.

In 2019, Plumm released the single, ‘Who Knows’, which moved away from the clear jazz influence seen in ‘The Shed’, and presented a song infused with heavier textures of smooth electronica and ambient influence. Plumm’s rich, soulful vocals remain, and are perfectly harmonised alongside those neo-soul textures, accompanied by the focused, yet free-flowing scat singing. The tone of ‘Who Knows’ is holistically resonating and creates a sense of calming movement alongside her voice.

Plumm’s latest single, ‘Pour In The Blue’ released in August 2020 seems to adopt the minimalism seen more in ‘The Shed’, but with the essence of a build-up of layers heard in ‘Who Knows’. Plumm’s voice wavers in perfect harmony, slightly echoing whilst following the movement of the song. Plumm’s songs are all-encompassing; her self-expression and improvisation create a rich listening experience. 

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