Three Objects: An Executioner’s Mask, a Bird Cage and a Water Pipe

Reading Time: 3 minutes The objects we use in the present, collect and curate from the past, and ponder potentials for the future are fractured; yet they bring us so much wonder, even if they’re falling apart. This post is a personal exploration of three museum artefacts that have stimulated my curiosity; an Executioner’s Mask, a Water Pipe and a Bird Cage.

Would You like Flies with That? Are Bugs the Future of Food?

Reading Time: 9 minutes Bugs. You might love them, you might hate them, but should you be eating them? Have we already been consuming them unknowingly? This post will explore the pros, cons and possibilities of eating insects as an alternative protein source; looking into the origin, history and modern-day practice of eating bugs around the world and deciding whether this helps to shape our own uptake likelihood.

How the Microbiome Is Shaping the Philosophical Concept of an Organism

Reading Time: 9 minutes The microbiome is questioning the definition of one of the most universal terms used in biology. This post will explain what the microbiome is and discuss why is it crucial for our survival. Scientific discovery and philosophical insight are merging; how is the microbiome challenging our sense of ‘self’?